Review: Horror Film Poems by Christoph Paul and Joel Amut Guell



For fans of classic and iconic horror films, there is a sort of essence, or maybe a prominent image, that figures heavily into a personal connection with those films. In this collection of poems inspired by classic horror concepts, you will find a companion piece that neatly complements any horror fan’s collection. You don’t have to be a poetry major or an art critic to appreciate what author Christoph Paul manages to accomplish with varying prose styles. The styles themselves seemingly mirror the aesthetics/themes of the works they are influenced by. The poems are often quick, insightful reads that can be viewed from a critical perspective, or can be enjoyed for the images/emotions they conjure up.

The art style also serves to cement this book as a neat package of tribute work. The beauty of this collection is that you can easily flip to any poem, and you can nearly re-experience beloved horror stories with the impression of those works; good poetry provokes a reaction from the subconscious, and as horror itself relies on the subconscious, Christoph Paul is able to demonstrate a believable passion for the genre. I think the poems that “stand-out” are really going to depend on which horror films you enjoy the most, anyway. There are witticisms and observations with a hint of satire — some of the best horror stories critique/oppose specific cultural values, and Paul’s recognition of our favorite “boogeymen” is a testament to the faith that the horror audience still has in the genre. A must-buy for horror fans, and, coincidentally, a really cool, personable gift for anyone who enjoys horror films.


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