2016 best of the best…according to The Grim Reader.

Very honored that The Violators made a best-of reads list of 2016 at The Grim Reader!

Grim Reader Reviews


I’m sure you have all been hanging on the edge of your seat just waiting to see what novels would feature in my top 20 for 2016. It has been another bumper book year. My Goodreads challenge was met in September, and I anticipate cracking 200 books for this year (including novellas, anthologies and novels).

So, here are my top 20 novels for 2016, in no particular order. Most of them are horror books, because that is what I enjoy reading the most. You may agree with some of these, you may disagree. All that matters is that we all have our own opinions and enjoy different things. Feel free to comment at the bottom and add any books you feel I should check out.

Thanks to everybody who has contributed to this blog in 2016. I started it in March and it seems to be going from strength to…

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