2016 Victories

I think it’s perfectly okay for people to celebrate the things they have accomplished, and it’s even better if your accomplishments include the hard work of others. Over the course of this past year, I felt as if I had done nothing at all, while in fact, I worked with a tremendous group of publishers and artists. Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, Weirdo Magnet Press, and JournalStone continue to amaze with excellent novels and anthologies, and I couldn’t be happier to have worked with two amazing editors: James A. Goddard and Max Booth III.

It has been a personal practice of mine to not list the works I have edited or participated in, but in hindsight, I should give credit to the artists I have worked with. I feel like I was able to participate in the development of some excellent projects, and the names of the artists I have worked with should be shared with the world.

I am eternally grateful for the efforts of the staff at Bizarro Pulp Press. Sean Leonard (editor at large), Lori Michelle (interior design), Matthew Revert (cover art/design) Justin A. Coons (cover artist) and Dyer Wilk (cover art/design).



Visions of a Tremulous Man from Weirdo Magnet Press

The Violators from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing

The Violators has been featured on three Best of Lists from 2016:

The Grim Reader

The Novel Pursuit

Shotgun Logic


Progress on forthcoming works:

The City Wore a Sullen Face (40k)

The Poetry of Violence (80K)

Untitled Poetry Narrative (25%)

The Church at the Edge of Town (Always in Progress)


Novella-length edits

PseudoPsalms: Saints v Sinners by Peter A. Salomon

Elusive Plato by Rhys Hughes

Static/Orgone by Jamie Grefe

Omega Gray by Seb Doubinsky

Battering the Stem (w/Sean Leonard) by Bob Freville

Cartoons in the Suicide Forest by Leza Cantoral

Wonder Weavers by Matt Bialer


Novel length edits:

Black Sunday by Douglas Wynne

Swift to Chase by Laird Barron

The Time Eater by Aaron J. French


Two Podcast Interviews:


This Is Horror



Dead Men by John A. Foster

Mother by Phillip Fracassi

Horror Film Poems by Christoph Paul

Mojo Rising by Bob Pastorella

Lost Signals edited by Max Booth III

Fukushuu: Damaged Woman of Violence by Colleen Wanglund

Last Days by Brian Evenson

Prince of Nightmares by John McNee

The Shape of Every Monster Yet to Come by Brian Allen Carr

Animal Money by Michael Cisco




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