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Necropolis Now: A Zombie Novel (Zombie Ascension Book 1) by [Bilof, Vincenzo]The Queen of the Dead (Zombie  Ascension Book 2) by [Bilof, Vincenzo]Saint Pain (Zombie Ascension Book 3) by [Bilof, Vincenzo]Escape From Dinosauria (Dinopocalypse Book 1) by [Bilof, Vincenzo, Booth III, Max]The Violators by [Bilof, Vincenzo]Vampire Strippers from Saturn by [Bilof, Vincenzo]Nightmare Of The Dead by [Bilof, Vincenzo]Dark Rising: A Deep Sea Thriller by [Bilof, Vincenzo]Japanese Werewolf Apocalypse by [Bilof, Vincenzo]Visions of a Tremulous Man