Saint Pain

Saint Pain (Zombie Ascension Book 3) by [Bilof, Vincenzo]

 Zombie Ascension Book 3

One woman. One mission. Thousands of zombies.

A year ago, Vega was dropped into Detroit with a team of mercenaries to find the man who has the power to manipulate the horrific, ancient nightmare that has brought the dead to life. Jim Traverse remains at large, while Vega’s worst enemy—post-traumatic stress disorder—threatens to drag her down into the arms of the hungry dead. While opposing groups of survivors establish a new economy based on salvage and the trade of women and children, Traverse attempts to complete his masterpiece of human annihilation.
New allies, old foes, and the zombie horde stand between Vega and her mission. As the dreadful secrets behind Traverse’s apocalyptic vision are revealed, Vega must fight through Hell and back to save her soul.
Vega just doesn’t have enough bullets.